Use & Flush
 Disposable Flushable paper toilet seat covers

4 full size toilet seat covers in each small lightweight pack
(Instructions included)
plus free Lemon Wet Wipes

Our seat covers just dissolve away when flushed
unlike poor quality ones that you have to put in the litter bin.

We tested them

Hygienic, Flushable paper seat covers fit over a Standard Toilet Seat

Ideal when at work - Family Holidays - Business Travel - Restaurants - Hotels - Hospitals 
Stadiums - Schools - Coaches and Trains - Camping - Public Toilets and Washrooms
 Aeroplanes - Festivals and any outdoor events.

  • Resealable pocket sized pack
  • Fits in your bag or pocket
  • Lightweight simple and easy to use
  • No need to hover
  • Hygienic way to use public toilets

 'Use & Flush' biodegradable toilet seat covers flush away automatically 
as the centre flap pulls the paper toilet seat cover down the drain 
automatically when the toilet is flushed. 

Therefore there is no need to touch.

expertly packed to fit through your letterbox

no need to wait in for the post

2 packs = 8 seat covers 
plus 2 free Lemon Wet Wipes
only  £2.49 

inc free p&p
EAN 0736902496022

3 packs = 12 seat covers 
plus 3 free Lemon Wet Wipes
only £2.99 

inc free p&p
EAN 0736902496015

5 packs = 20 seat covers
plus 5 free Lemon Wet Wipes
only  £3.49 

inc free p&p

EAN 0736902495902

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