Are Kit Packs kits and packs any good?

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Here's what our customers say

By far the best and cheapest kit I've ever used.
 As a year on year festival goer I have recommended your kits to everyone I know.
 Thank you for making what can be a wet, dirty and often smelly experience just that bit better.

Actually can’t wait to hit We Are FSVTL this year wooo!! 
Hate being dirty but the loo kit looks perfect!

Saff J
Thanks thought the free sunscreen was a nice touch.

Lisa R
The paper seat covers were great! No need to hover all weekend. Perfect!

Nicola J
Without a doubt I burn every year but the sun sachets were perfect.
Didn't need to take a bag with me everywhere I went just for a suncream bottle! Thanks :D

Not going to lie we did blow up the condoms and tie them to tent… 
Made it so much easier to find when we were drunk!! 

Kit came well packed & quickly. Not too bulky so easy to pack for festival.

Ideal for disgusting festival toilets

Michele A
Great kit, just need a nose peg now.

Pocket sized great idea thanks.

Didn't even know these existed and they arrived next day just the job thanks

Thanks cool kit

Lucy G
Festival toilets are horrid but actually I really didn't mind them this time!

T Valentine
Just bought the loo kit for my daughters 1st festival. She gets upset when her 
Dad leaves the toilet seat up. Wish I could see her face when she sees the loos.

Sophie C
 Perfect for getting make up and face paint off at the end of the night!

Jake P
 This suncream is perfect, I burn so easily so it was handy just to pop a sachet in my back pocket.

Bought this for my son (his first festival) as soon as he saw the glow sticks no more convincing was needed! 
Thank you for helping me keep him safe and clean, boys will be boys!

Paramajit B
Perfect for my first festival experience. Has everything I want to stay clean, thank you!

I actually nearly managed to pack everything in one bag! Maybe 3 pairs of shoes was not necessary! 

Paul R
Thanks good basic kit, not used yet but appears to have all the essentials.

Carole H
How sad am I Christmas presents for my niece and nephew already

George S
Woke up in a pool of rain water the only things that weren't wet was my wallet and phone! 
The plastic bag and popper bag idea was a life saver!

Jack S
Bought this for my girlfriend… She is now more excited about going to Latitude than I am! 
Thanks for saving me from what would have been constant whinging!

The basic kit was really useful. Didn’t think I would use all of the stuff but it was ALL used!

Jenny Q
Got one of these for the car, really handy when the kids are car sick. 
I keep it in the side pocket

Fast delivery cheers. Used it at my first of many festivals and have put an order in for two more!

Emma F
This pack will be my saviour! No need to avoid the toilets anymore. THANK YOU!

Holding my nose in the toilets isn't so bad when you know you don’t have to touch anything! 
Thank you for making weeing a more pleasant experience.

Dave D
Seems to have all the things I need for festival all I need now is
food and drink ツ

Sofie G
Slept like a baby with the ear plugs in! Music I can ignore but noises from other tents is difficult to sleep through!

Jodie's Dad
Received kit quickly, daughter delighted, seems I got something right for a change.

Sweet present thanks

Excellent arrived quickly well wrapped good product.

Napier H
Ordered last minute, arrived quickly thanks great kits

Boss ta

Suli Y
Just ordered second kit as they are indispensable when on holiday.

Daughter really loved the kit. I put it with the festival ticket, made the present really special.

Got here day after ordering, fantastic kit, cheers

Thanks great idea for smelly toilets

Polly A
My friend had one of the car sick kits in her car ideal for the side pocket, thank you.

Sue M
Complete with sick bagsjust what we need Ta

All packed and ready to go thanks.

Peter B
Great does exactly what it says on the tin, top quality.

Courtney k
Two lovely christmas presents bought thanks

Great thanks nice and small to shove in my bag.

Lisa R
The paper seat covers were great! No need to hover all weekend. Perfect!

Molly McD
Way to go thanks for the freebie.

Mark E
Even us guys have to use festival toilets once in a while (glad I bought your loo pack) Thank you!

Pete M
Good idea last time I went the bogs were foul.

Going to Greece on holiday so bought the loo kit for emergencies thanks ideal for suitcase.

Shared a tent with my mate… so grateful to have had ear plugs! 
Was basically deaf because of standing next to a speaker all night but could still here him snoring!!

Actually don’t know how I would have survived without this! I went for the basic kit
 and I'm glad I did my bag was so much lighter!

I'm really happy with the kit thank you.

Got the kit last week and used it this weekend. My skin didn't touch anything I didn't want it to ; )

Henri A
Just got two one for me and another for my girlfriend job done.

Lorre G
Poncho's, mud and portaloo's roll on summer this year I've got it sorted ta.

Callum S
I have ruined three phones over the last 3 years because of tent water but this time round oh hell no! 
I put my phone in the plastic bags inside the popper bag safe and sound. 
If you’re anything like me I recommend doing this!

Ross E
I was the only one who didn't wake up to brush their teeth with a dirty toothbrush! WIN!