What is a festival survival kit 
and how do I choose one?

What do I need to take to a festival?

  • So where do I start?
  • Most people who go to festivals are not seasoned campers and so don't really know what to take with them. So far so obvious.
  • Start by making a list of all the things you use first thing in the morning before you leave the house. toothbrush, toothpaste etc etc.
  • Then cross off all the things you could do without if you had to.
  • Now put all the clothes you want to take in a pile on your bed, have you got a bag big enough? even if you had could you carry it?
  • No thought not, so put away all the clothes you don't really have to take.
  • OK so your starting to get your head around how to pack for camping, but what about all the stuff proper festival campers take?

That's where festival kits come in handy.

  • A professionally made festival survival kit will contain lots of essential and easy to carry stuff that would take you an age to collect from the shops.

So how do I choose one?

  • Take a good look at the photo of the kit.
  • Is it a professional photo with just a plain white background?
  • Is it just a pile of stuff from a pound shop spread out on a kitchen worktop or worse still on a carpet?
  • Is it full of proper things that your likely to need or is it just some stuff they're trying to get you to buy?
  • Is everything sealed?
  • If the kit is professionally made all the items in it will be sealed in plastic. Not just heaped in a bag and posted out to you. You really wouldn't want to use things unless they had been properly sealed would you? 

Yes but which one?

  • It depends on who your going with and how well they share things.
  • Are you going with people but don't think they'll share, then take the Standard kit and you'll have pretty much everything your likely to need.
  • If your ready to rough it and don't want to spend much money, just take the basic kit.
  • In a gang of mates who'll share everything? get two basic kits and spread them among your bags, then you know your sorted.


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